Emotions is Life

Emotions are very important part of our life. They make us socialise, they make us to feel others, they shaped us to live our own life beautiful and make others life beautiful.
But sometimes we don't care for even our own close friends, soulmates and well-wishers. It make them lonely and unsecure. They feel depressed, full with anxiety and relation come to stage of loneliness and ready to break down.

We don't have courage to save others I've and make a laugh of the person. Ittakes a lots of time to cure the situation .
Be alert, be conscious to your own friends, be with them. Otherwise it will not take much time to lost the person. 
Some time you think a small talk or care is sufficient to that moment. But you have to be with his/her on time.
Be with them, till the judgemental day come. And that day is the person who cares a lot, will become an empty slate. 
Stay blessed and care the people that matters in your life.

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